The Pamphleteer

During colonial times in America, if you wanted to convince or inform people about some issue that you considered important, you went to the local printer and got some pamphlets printed. You then handed them out, read them to anybody that was interested, nailed them to the town bulletin board, or the nearest tree. The first amendment was specifically written to protect this type of activity and the writers or "pamphleteers".

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Saturday, December 09, 2006
The Refdesk Sites of the Day are:

National Geographic Adventure Magazine

Travel that will set your heart pounding, open your eyes, and force you to look again at what surrounds you. Because, in the end, a trip of a lifetime isn't about thread counts, umbrella cocktails, or bragging rights. It's about discovering that there's more to the world - and yourself - than you knew.


Synoptic Map of Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters 1980-2005

The National Climatic Data Center is the 'Nation’s Scorekeeper' in terms of addressing severe weather events in their historical perspective. As part of its responsibility of monitoring and assessing the climate, NCDC tracks and evaluates climate events in the U.S. and globally that have great economic and societal impacts. This web page/report describes those events that have had the greatest economic impact since 1980.


MapMachine Student Edition

More than just maps, MapMachine Student Edition also has photos, facts, and fun. Here you can find the place you're looking for - or get lost in the cultures, sights, and sounds of the world. Site by National Geographic Society.


America's Most Livable Communities

America's Best Places to Live, Work and Play! Each of this year's 30 Most Livable
Communities have developed innovative approaches to prepare for the New Economy through the creative strategies, actions, and visions of their leadership.