The Pamphleteer

During colonial times in America, if you wanted to convince or inform people about some issue that you considered important, you went to the local printer and got some pamphlets printed. You then handed them out, read them to anybody that was interested, nailed them to the town bulletin board, or the nearest tree. The first amendment was specifically written to protect this type of activity and the writers or "pamphleteers".

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Senator John Kerry's Web of Connections with the 527s

The media and Kerry campaign (is that redundant?) seem to be in an uproar
over Bush Cheney 04's loose connections to the Swift Boat Veteran's organization.

However, the log in their eye appears to blind them from the many 527s
directly involved with the Kerry campaign. Be sure to check out the graphic
in the above link showing John Kerry's multiple and direct links to numerous
527s organizations.


New Swift Boat Ad Exposes Kerry Medal Betrayal

In his speech before the American Legion today, Senator Kerry started with a limp salute and finished with another. His speech treated the veterans as if they were just another one of the many interest groups that could be appeased with some extra money. He also announced the "Kerry Doctrine" which seemed to be that the USA would take no military action without a permission slip from the rest of the world.

Additionally, no military action would be taken if there was any chance of casualties, or wounds. However, the most important part is that there must be an exit strategy.

(He didn't really say all those things, but that's what his speech implied.)

What an idiot!

Someone please build a time machine so I can go to November 2nd and vote already.